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We want to let you know that we offer the best Activated Charcoal Powder on the market - our products are in glass container. Therefore it will have no chemical adsorption from plastic. We do have a lot of information to share about Activated Charcoal Powder and hope that you will learn a lot from our site. The high adsorbing Charcoal Powder that we carry is gluten free, tar free bone free, and free of preservatives and colors. Not all charcoal powders are the same.
The Newell Enterprise Activated Charcoal Powder is from pure wood. 

We have a lot of fun here, as we try to have a sustainable environment. Trees are our friends. The trees are selectively cut which means the environment is left intact with the least impact. 

We also wanted to let you know that you’re really important to us, because we couldn’t be in business without you.

    We have a lot to offer you. Our products and services  include Activated Charcoal Powder, books on charcoal powder and educational information on many ways you can use Activated Charcoal powder. 

You’re always welcome here. Come in and chat with us. We’re really looking forward to it. 

    Please visit our product page before you leave; and also revisit us often as we are constantly upgrading our site. 
As good as our product is, we do not claim it to be a drug or a medicine. Therefore, we do not think it is a cure for disease nor a replacement for your medical professional advise. 
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    Here you will find one of the leading expert on Activated Charcoal Powder. Dr. A. Thrash from the Uchee Pines Institute is sharing about Charcoal Powder. 

    We believe that the Creator has given wisdom in the development and uses of this wonderful product. There are many that can truly say that Activated Charcoal Powder has saved their lives. 

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